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ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions: Leadership for a lower-carbon future

Few challenges are more important than meeting the world’s growing demand for energy and products that support modern life, while reducing environmental impacts. It’s challenges like this that ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions was created to help solve. We’re identifying and delivering high-impact projects for customers across industries, including manufacturing, power and transportation, that can help decarbonize the world around us. Our role in the energy transition is to leverage the scope and expertise of ExxonMobil, focusing on carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, MobilTM Lithium and second-generation biofuels to deliver tailored solutions for our customers.

The importance of industry

Industry is essential for modern life. It produces electricity to power homes and workplaces. It provides fuels and lubricants for transportation, cement and steel for construction and the building blocks for products we use every day, ranging from medical supplies to electronics to food packaging.


While all necessary, these energy-intensive industrial processes all generate CO2 emissions. Reducing these emissions is a challenge that requires sophisticated solutions. And not every solution will work at every unique facility.


ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions can provide customers in the manufacturing, transportation and power generation industries with a range of options to tackle the challenge of reducing emissions in their operations. Our proven experience and expertise will ensure compliance-ready results, using efficient and cost-effective solutions.

  • Manufacturing

    There are a number of carbon reduction pathways available to customers in the manufacturing sector. Whatever your choice, be it carbon capture and storage, or fuel-switching to lower carbon hydrogen, we can deliver innovative solutions at scale with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Power

    Reducing emissions in the power generation sector requires a complex set of solutions that not only work for today's operations but appreciate how power will be delivered in the future. We can help you implement large-scale solutions that enable you to keep the lights on for your consumers.

  • Transportation

    Commercial transportation customers require a supplier who provides consistent quality at exact specifications for products that help reduce emissions like lithium, hydrogen, biodiesel, and the next generation of biofuels.  Leveraging learnings from our long-standing relationships in the transportation sector, the Low Carbon Solutions team is building on a legacy of expertise to provide you new solutions.

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    Learn more about technology to support our customers in lowering emissions: CCUS, hydrogen, Mobil Lithium and advanced biofuels.

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    We’re excited to be accepting nominations for the new Low Carbon Accelerator Award, which recognizes women who are helping to accelerate society’s path to net zero.

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