Accelerating the route to lower emissions

Supporting the transportation industry's commitment to reducing emissions

Supporting the transportation industry's commitment to reducing emissions

The transportation industry is at a crossroads. To achieve emission reduction goals while continuing its vital role in getting people and goods where they need to go, the sector must innovate and evolve.

For passenger vehicles, ExxonMobil offers a range of products — including lightweight materials, advanced lubricants and fuels, electric vehicle lubricants, and critical elements like lithium — that improve performance, durability and efficiency to drive down emissions.

The commercial transportation industry, however, faces some unique hurdles on the path to reducing emissions. Heavy-duty trucks, aircraft and vessels require significant energy to get from point A to point B, making them a challenge to power with electricity, wind or solar. Instead, they require alternative fuel sources with high energy density. These fuel sources also must be consistently available and economically viable for customers that are making the switch from conventional to low-emission fuels.

Given these complex challenges, no single technology can get us to net zero.

Supporting our customers

ExxonMobil provides a comprehensive mix of low-carbon energy products and solutions to support you on your path to a lower-emission future.

Advanced biofuels fact sheet

Learn more about how we're helping commercial transportation customers find new solutions. Download fact sheet
Learn more about how we're helping commercial transportation customers find new solutions.

How we're different: Practical solutions for heavy-duty transportation

Low Carbon Solutions is focused on delivering practical solutions to the commercial transportation sector that are lower-carbon alternatives to today's conventional fuels. Developed over decades of research, testing and technological breakthroughs, these products include hydrogen, lithium and advanced biofuels such as renewable diesel. The team is committed to ensuring these solutions are scalable to help you meet your energy transition goals. Here's what makes us different:

    The biofuels advantage

    Siva Ariyapadi

    Global Business Manager, Bioenergy
    ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions

    More efficient, environmentally friendly lithium to meet EV targets

    To address the auto industry's growing demand for lithium – a critical component of electric vehicle batteries – out team is developing an innovative production process that extracts the critical mineral from subsurface brine while minimizing emissions and environmental impact. Leveraging our decades-long relationships with auto manufacturers, we aim to consistently supply the growing EV market with sustainable, reliable and localized lithium volumes.
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    Advanced biofuels pathway

    Advanced biofuels pathway

    Lithium pathway

    A graphic with a blue background explaining the different pathways of lithium

    Hear from our experts

    We want to lead the way when it comes to ensuring our customers have the right tools to achieve their emissions reduction goals.

    Mark Klewpatinond
    Global Business Manager, Hydrogen
    ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions
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    Learn more about our solutions:

    • Carbon capture and storage

      Technologies like carbon capture and storage are critical to help accelerate the world’s path to net zero.

    • Hydrogen

      Alternative fuel solutions for power generation and industrial clients, as well as low-carbon transportation fuel.

    • Mobil™ Lithium

      Extracting lithium more sustainably for a growing market.

    • Advanced low-emission fuels

      Using new feedstocks to produce fuels with fewer emissions