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Alternative fuel solutions for power generation and industrial clients, as well as transportation fuel


Decarbonizing the highest-emitting sectors will require a lower-emission fuel source that can keep up with increased energy demand. Hydrogen is available at commercial scale today and can meet that demand while producing zero emissions at its point of use. It’s a flexible and cost-effective solution for a wide range of industries. Our teams are innovating new materials and process enhancements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a life-cycle basis for both our customers and our facilities. This work is accelerating the path to a lower-carbon future.

Low Carbon Solutions is leveraging ExxonMobil’s expertise and scale to play a leading role in the energy transition. With decades of experience in hydrogen production and a proven track record for developing and operating world-class facilities, the company is uniquely qualified to bolster hydrogen supply, enabling customers to meet their lower-emission goals.

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Hydrogen is potentially the lowest-cost option to significantly reduce emissions in sectors including:

  • Power (Gas/Building)

    Power (Gas/Building) Power (Gas/Building)
  • Industrial Heat (Refining/Chemical)

    Industrial Heat (Refining/Chemical) Industrial Heat (Refining/Chemical)
  • Iron and Steel

    Iron and Steel Iron and Steel
  • Heavy Duty Transportation

    Heavy Duty Transportation Heavy Duty Transportation

    ExxonMobil's Low Carbon Solutions team can help you find the right hydrogen for your business.

    The Hydrogen Podcast

    Hydrogen Product Development Manager, Mark Klewpatinond, sat down with Paul Rodden of the Hydrogen Podcast to discuss ExxonMobil’s capabilities to provide solutions that can be delivered at scale.

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    At the recent World Hydrogen North America conference in Houston, Product Development Manager, Mark Klewpatinond, sat down with Alan Ross, Managing Editor of APC Technologies, to discuss the hydrogen economy and the hope it has for the future.

    Blue hydrogen technology

    Although hydrogen is a colorless gas, colors are assigned to hydrogen to differentiate how it’s produced. Hydrogen can be created from primary energy sources such as natural gas, nuclear, or renewables. The end product, however, is the same.

    Blue hydrogen is hydrogen created with natural gas, coupled with carbon capture and storage, land is likely to play a vital role in a lower-carbon energy system. Today, blue hydrogen is readily available for deployment at commercial scale and has the potential to reduce emissions from high-emitting sectors such as industrial manufacturing and heavy industry, by 60%-80%.

    Currently, ExxonMobil produces 1.3 million metric tons of hydrogen globally. Broad deployment of carbon capture and storage technology could enable increased production of blue hydrogen, helping reduce costs and further enabling its widespread use as a cost-effective carbon abatement solution.