ExxonMobil’s Low Carbon Solutions technologies


The Low Carbon Solutions team is dedicated to accelerating the development of low carbon technologies that will be instrumental in the energy transition. The path to a lower-carbon future will require industrial facilities to reduce their emissions which is why we are focused on delivering new solutions to our customers’ complex decarbonization targets.


Our portfolio is focused on carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, Mobil™ Lithium and second-generation biofuels. We leverage our core capabilities, which include subsurface exploration, pipeline construction and maintenance, chemical expertise and industry-leading safe project management.

  • Carbon capture and storage

    ExxonMobil has captured more carbon dioxide than any other company so we have the expertise to help deploy carbon capture and storage around the world for some of the most carbon-intensive sectors – power generation, steel and cement manufacturing, and petrochemicals, among others. We know how to do this: Today we capture 40% of all the anthropogenic carbon captured in the world. 

  • Hydrogen

    We are also leveraging the corporation’s experience in hydrogen production, which, when coupled with carbon capture and storage is likely to play a critical role in a low-carbon energy system.

    As an energy source and an energy carrier, hydrogen sits at the intersection of providing the world with the energy it needs and helping society reach its net-zero goals. ExxonMobil is investing in hydrogen to help reduce emissions at industrial facilities via fuel switching, as well as to fuel heavy-duty transportation to reduce emissions on our roads.

  • Mobil™ Lithium

    ExxonMobil has announced a new investment to extract lithium in North America using technological advances to make a more sustainable product for a growing market.

    Relying on our foundational expertise in areas like subsurface engineering and chemical processing, we are scaling this production by using Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE), which uses less water and can be done with a smaller footprint.

    This supply, sourced in North America, will meet the growing demand our customers are seeing - driven mostly by growth of electric vehicles.

  • Advanced biofuels

    We are evaluating several strategic investments in low-carbon fuels to bring those energy technologies to scale as they mature toward commercialization.

    These new energy sources enable global commerce with fewer emissions. Examples include biofuels, which are derived from renewable sources like plants, waste biomass or algae, and e-Fuels, which are synthetic fuels made from hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide, as well as other low-carbon liquid fossil fuels, such as renewable diesel.

    Low Carbon Solutions

    Our service offering

    There is no singular solution to a lower-carbon future; addressing the climate change challenge will require a range of options depending on your industry needs. Across manufacturing, transportation and power industries, we can work with on how to best apply our portfolio of solutions.

    From discovery to development to deployment, ExxonMobil has the experience along the full energy value chain that is needed to impact how the world uses new energy sources that produce fewer emissions.

    Tomorrow’s solutions require a long-term view of how the world will produce the energy it needs, while reducing the emissions it doesn’t. ExxonMobil is uniquely positioned to help find the solutions that work best for your industry.

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