Delivering real world progress

Low carbon technology

Delivering real world progress
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We are making a big impact by unleashing the power of the smallest molecules. See how our drive to net zero can help customers shrink their carbon footprints with hydrogen and carbon capture and storage and learn how lithium fits into our mission in transportation.

The energy transition is here, and our goal is to help companies in hard-to-abate sectors to lower their emissions. 


We’re unleashing the power of the world’s smallest molecule by planning to build the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen production facility, targeting 1 billion ft3 per day.

Carbon capture and storage

We’re shrinking our customers’ carbon footprint by growing our carbon capture capabilities, already committed to transport and store 5 million metric tons of CO2 per year.

Mobil™ Lithium We’re using smaller parcels of land with the goal to produce greater amounts of lithium, aiming to produce enough lithium by 2030 to supply the manufacturing needs of well over a million EVs per year. Think more lithium to meet growing customer demand and a smaller carbon footprint to help suppliers reach emission reduction goals.

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Delivering a smaller footprint … which is huge


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