Lowering industrial emissions

Providing new manufacturing solutions to industrial customers intent on reducing emissions

Providing new manufacturing solutions to industrial customers intent on reducing emissions

Industrial manufacturing customers face a considerable challenge: keep pace with the demands of running current operations and anticipate (and stay ahead of) future opportunities while lowering emissions in some of the hardest-to-decarbonize sectors.

From cement production to chemicals to manufacturing, as you identify then follow your pathway to a lower-carbon footprint, ExxonMobil can help you meet your emission reduction ambitions across your facilities. Our team at Low Carbon Solutions incorporates a cross section of scientific disciplines, industry sectors and research specialties to help you navigate the energy transition with advantaged, integrated solutions.

Supporting our customers

Our Low Carbon Solutions team is ready help develop low-emission solutions tailored to the manufacturing sector. Watch the video now to hear how that team is helping to bring those solutions to life.

Reducing emissions: How we do it

Low Carbon Solutions is focused on delivering scalable solutions on time and on budget for our manufacturing customers. The team is committed to meeting our customers' energy transition goals. Here's how we do it and what makes us different:

    hydrogen ready

    Working with Zeeco to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers

    ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions is excited to announce our recent agreement with Zeeco,Inc., makers of ultra-low NOx, 100% hydrogen-ready industrial burners. As manufacturers explore fuel switching from natural gas, this technology can significantly lower emissions.
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    By the numbers


    of what ExxonMobil produces is used by commercial and industrial customers

    40 %

    of global carbon emissions come from heavy industry, like manufacturing and commercial transport

    >$20 B

    is the amount ExxonMobil is pursuing through 2027 to lower emissions – both ours and others  

    Hear from our experts

    We want to lead the way when it comes to ensuring our customers have the right tools to achieve their emissions reduction goals.

    Mark Klewpatinond
    Global Business Manager, Hydrogen
    ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions

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    Learn more about our solutions:

    • Carbon capture and storage

      Technologies like carbon capture and storage are critical to help accelerate the world’s path to net zero.

    • Hydrogen

      Alternative fuel solutions for power generation and industrial clients, as well as low-carbon transportation fuel.

    • Mobil™ Lithium

      Extracting lithium more sustainably for a growing market.

    • Advanced low-emission fuels

      Using new feedstocks to produce fuels with fewer emissions