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Exclusive interview: An inside look at next-generation hydrogen burners In this exclusive interview, ExxonMobil’s Mark Klewpatinond and Zeeco’s Eric Pratchard discuss the company’s recent strategic alliance surrounding the development and commercialization of an advanced new class of hydrogen-fired burners.
Advanced Biofuels Biofuels are a natural and important part on the path to achieving net zero emissions.
Low Carbon Solutions for the manufacturing sector Our Low Carbon Solutions team is ready help develop low-emission solutions tailored to the manufacturing sector. Watch the video now to hear how that team is helping to bring those solutions to life.
Low Carbon Solutions for the transportation sector ExxonMobil provides a comprehensive mix of low-carbon energy products and solutions to support you on your path to a lower emission future.
Carbon capture and storage Capturing, transporting and storing carbon. See how we are playing an important role in bringing carbon capture and storage technology to scale.
Hydrogen Alternative fuel solutions for power generation and industrial clients, as well as transportation fuel. Learn more from our Low Carbon Solutions team on what ExxonMobil plans to help provide a full range of hydrogen solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the world.
Lower-emission fuels Finding new feedstock materials for fewer emissions. In the future, we will need a mix of fuels. Learn more from our ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions team about ways we are advancing a portfolio of solutions that focus on both first-generation and second-generation biofuels.
ExxonMobil’s unique value proposition for customers Hear from some of our Low Carbon Solutions team on what ExxonMobil can deliver customers and why ExxonMobil is the company uniquely suited to provide new solutions in this critical supply chain.
ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions is actively engaged in the development and global deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology. Hear from Lydia Johnson, Vice President of product development, as she shares some of the advancements we’ve achieved so far and what developments are on the horizon. Click the button on the left for a sneak peek of her recent keynote address. For a deeper dive, click here to watch the full video.
The Future of Energy: Hear from ExxonMobil at the World Petroleum Congress Senior Vice President Matt Crocker joins the ARC Energy Ideas podcast, hosted by the ARC Energy Research Institute, to discuss ExxonMobil’s 2023 Global Outlook for energy, our ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions business, our presence at World Petroleum Congress 2023 and more on CCS, hydrogen and low-emission fuels.
ExxonMobil & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in heavy industries. The alliance combines technical capabilities and decades of expertise into a fully integrated offering.

Low carbon hydrogen solutions Hydrogen can help decarbonize high-emitting sectors by supplying cost-effective, lower-emission solutions. Low Carbon Solutions is leveraging ExxonMobil’s expertise and scale to play a leading role in the energy transition.
Hydrogen fuel: poised for growth

ExxonMobil is planning a world-scale “blue” hydrogen plant to offer significant volumes of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia to third-party customers in support of their decarbonization efforts.

The Hydrogen Podcast – Insights on how ExxonMobil is shaping the global future of hydrogen

Hydrogen Product Development Manager, Mark Klewpatinond, sat down with Paul Rodden of The Hydrogen Podcast to discuss ExxonMobil’s capabilities to provide solutions that can be delivered at scale.

World Hydrogen North America conference 2023 Interview with APC Technologies

At the recent World Hydrogen North America conference in Houston, Product Development Manager, Mark Klewpatinond, sat down with Alan Ross, Managing Editor of APC Technologies, to discuss the hydrogen economy and the hope it has for the future.

ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions press packet

Read our press packet and learn about the collaborative work we are doing in the low-carbon solutions space.