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  • Why Low Carbon Solutions?

    The Low Carbon Solutions team is here to deliver high-impact, needle-moving projects that can help decarbonize the world. We strive to play a leading role in the energy transition by leveraging the full scope of expertise within ExxonMobil. We are focused on results and believe our role is crucial in finding new solutions to reducing emissions around the world. We are helping to create a lower-carbon future with carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, Mobil™ Lithium and second-generation biofuels to deliver tailored solutions to our customers’ complex decarbonization needs.

  • What distinguishes a successful candidate?

    Low Carbon Solutions has a diverse portfolio of opportunities around the world. No matter the location, all of our successful candidates have a few things in common: a desire to be part of a dynamic team, an ability to think creatively, and a commitment to help move the world to a lower-carbon future.

    A successful candidate will help contribute to an energetic and dedicated team; someone who brings diversity of thought, experience and perspectives to a team that’s challenging the status quo.

  • Where can you learn more about our career opportunities?

    Our opportunities range from positions in engineering and research to operations and finance. To learn more about the types of roles we have available and what your career path could look like, visit our career page.


    Help Low Carbon Solutions advocate for policies needed to scale large, industrial solutions for hard-to-decarbonize sectors. Establish key partnerships and collaborations to promote supportive policies and regulatory framework.
    Example roles: Advocacy advisor

    Asset Management

    In this area, candidates oversee day-to-day operations of large-scale technologies and solutions that are helping drive down carbon emissions.
    Example roles: Asset manager, Readiness lead

    Business Development

    It starts with opportunity. Our business and development group identifies and captures market development opportunities with a focus on commercial arrangements.
    Example roles: Business Developer, Sales Advisor, Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Trader/Negotiator, Sales Consultant


    We assemble skilled teams to ensure ExxonMobil continues its innovative, industry-leading work. Roles in our finance career path oversee our complex finances, mitigate risk, and keep ExxonMobil licensed to operate in terms of controls and financial integrity—and help grow and add value to the business.
    Example roles: Tax, Controllers, Treasurer

    Product Development

    Help scale commercial development of critical low-carbon solutions that ExxonMobil is delivering to customers. This role sits at the intersection of what’s possible and achieving results.
    Example roles: Sustainable Technologies and Product Development advisor

    Work with us

    Be a part of the net-zero future

    When you become part of the Low Carbon Solutions team, you join an organization focused on innovation, a culture of success, and a commitment to investing in the people and products that will help society reach its net-zero goals.

    We know the move to a lower-emissions future will require multiple solutions that can be implemented at scale, so we’re looking for the type of ambitious, creative and diverse talent that can help lead these solutions into the energy mainstream.

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    Meet some of our people

    • Prasanna V. Joshi, Ph.D.
      Vice President, Low Carbon Solutions Technology

      “Innovation is the foundation. Now we need to build upon that foundation.”

      One of the main reasons I joined ExxonMobil is its long history of innovation at scale. For example, ExxonMobil led the petrochemical industry in the 1920s, commercialized high-octane gasoline during World War II, and developed revolutionary seismic imaging technologies in the 1980s. Now we’re taking the foundational technologies for low-carbon energy and scaling them up, showing once again that we can build a new energy future on top of available technologies.

    • Christina Konvicka
      Global Policy Coordinator, Low Carbon Solutions

      “We need the right policies in place if we want to make a measurable impact.”

      That’s why I’m focused on advocating for policy that can help us activate our projects. We need supportive policy that helps to incentivize investment in low-carbon technologies while meeting society’s needs.