Aaron Cobb

VP, Strategy

More about Aaron

When Aaron Cobb needs to unwind, he reaches for a sci-fi novel – not just for fun, but to explore alternate futures and to ponder how science and technology can improve our world. Similarly, as Aaron steps into his new role with Low Carbon Solutions, he’s enthusiastic about leveraging ExxonMobil’s capabilities to tackle the energy transition and build a better future.

Before joining Low Carbon Solutions, Aaron was senior vice president, Development, Exxon Mobil Global Trading, and vice president of Commercial & Trading, responsible for ExxonMobil's commodity trading activities around the world. There he helped ensure a safe, timely and cost-effective supply chain and deliver commercial value.

Within the company, he’s held a variety of sales, procurement, planning and leadership roles in the U.S. and Europe, including serving as director of the Retail Operating Companies in Germany and Switzerland.

Aaron joined ExxonMobil in 1990 in retail operations after graduating with a bachelor's degree of science in economics from Texas A&M University. Aaron also holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Houston. He and his wife, Franziska, have two daughters. The eldest is working on her Ph.D. in chemistry at UT Austin and the youngest is taking a gap year after graduating from Denver University.

In addition to getting lost in novels, Aaron enjoys adventure sports in Colorado with Franziska, including backcountry skiing, fly fishing and cycling.

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