Low Carbon Solutions

Erik Oswald

VP, Policy Development

More about Erik

As VP, Policy Development, Erik Oswald leads our efforts to advocate for the policies and regulations that will properly foster the wide-scale development and deployment of carbon capture and storage technology. In his more than 30 years with ExxonMobil, he has served in a variety of technical and managerial positions in research, production and exploration, including Middle East area manager at ExxonMobil Exploration Company and vice president, Exploration and New Ventures Americas, for ExxonMobil’s Upstream Business Development Company.

The way Erik sees it, “Securing another generation of success for ExxonMobil employees is one of the biggest and most important things I could imagine working on.” His passion for understanding and appreciating the earth’s history is rooted in his background as a geologist. And it just so happens that he’ll soon be visiting the Miocene reef complex in Mallorca, Spain, which is where he earned his Ph.D. more than 30 years ago. 

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