Low Carbon Solutions

Kathleen Ash

President and CEO, Denbury, Inc.

More about Kathleen

Kathleen has been a part of ExxonMobil for more than 17 years. Throughout her extensive career here, she’s held numerous senior management roles that span the breadth of the oil and gas value chain, both in the U.S. and abroad. Previously, Kathleen was responsible for all upstream U.S. conventional operations, including assets in Alabama, Alaska, California, Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming and the Gulf of Mexico. Kathleen has also managed safety and operations integrity implementation, including owning all emergency response standards for ExxonMobil Development projects globally in 2015. 

Today Kathleen is proud to serve as President and CEO of Denbury, Inc., a company ExxonMobil acquired in late 2023. This acquisition means ExxonMobil will have the largest owned and operated CO2 pipeline network in the U.S., an important step in growing ExxonMobil’s Low Carbon Solutions business.

As part of this new team, Kathleen says she’s excited to “help connect the dots across the entire ExxonMobil corporation — making sure that we bring the best we have to bear on the challenges we face.”

In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys being outside in the garden on her small family farm, tending to the flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. She’s also committed to giving back to her community by volunteering with various charitable organizations.

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