Low Carbon Solutions

Matt Crocker


More about Matt

Matt has almost three decades of experience in various roles at ExxonMobil, including vice president positions in both the Upstream and Chemical Company, and servicing as senior vice president of the Fuels value chain. In his current position, he oversees product development across the portfolio, creation and alignment on business strategies, and has oversight for project execution and start-up of new assets for the Low Carbon Solutions business.

Matt takes pride in ExxonMobil’s unique position to meet the needs of its customers and society. “As we deliver the energy and products that support modern life in a more sustainable way, being a part of leading this change is truly about making a difference for future generations and is incredibly rewarding,” Matt states.

In addition to providing leadership on the Low Carbon Solutions team, Matt also serves on the Board of Directors for Imperial Oil in Canada. His contributions are helping to develop and sustain Imperial Oil’s vision, mission and values, as they inform the company’s strategy and position it for continued success in the years to come.

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