Low Carbon Solutions

Ed Graham

VP, New Assets

More about Ed

Ed joined ExxonMobil in 1989 after receiving his bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He spent the first 10 years of his career with Exxon Production Research Company in a variety of upstream oil and gas technical positions involving process engineering, integrity loss prevention and project development planning. Beginning in 1999, Ed spent a decade serving in various managerial positions across ExxonMobil's North American oil and gas production businesses in Texas, Calgary, Wyoming and Newfoundland. He returned to the production company's Houston headquarters in 2010, serving as the global HSE manager and then later as global producing operations manager.

In 2013, Ed was appointed vice president and general manager for ExxonMobil Iraq Limited. He oversaw the development and production of Iraq's world-class West Qurna I oilfield outside Basra, growing production to over 500,000 barrels per day by 2017. Prior to assuming his current role with Low Carbon Solutions in 2021, Ed spent four years overseeing ExxonMobil's business interests in Malaysia, where he served as president of ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc. and chairman of the ExxonMobil Subsidiaries in Malaysia.

Ed has always had a love of sailing and taught his skills to others while growing up in Wisconsin. Although he no longer teaches, he still enjoys getting out on the water with his son when he visits Wisconsin during the summer. Ed also considers himself a history buff, and he’s a dedicated fan of the “Hardcore History” podcast by journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin. 

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