Low Carbon Solutions

Scott Darling


Portrait of Low Carbon Solutions leadership team member, Scott Darling.

More about Scott

Scott has more than 30 years of experience in senior finance and planning roles in ExxonMobil’s Upstream, Downstream and Chemical businesses. In his current role, he is responsible for creating the business case, designing the commercial structures and executing finance plans for lower-emission energy solutions that include carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, second-generation biofuels and nature-based energy solutions. As part of the Low Carbon Solutions team, Scott appreciates the opportunity to expand ExxonMobil’s role, and the industry’s in general, in finding real answers to sustainability for the planet. “It’s the most difficult multigenerational challenge we face,” Scott states. “It’s rewarding to prove that we are part of the solution, and it’s encouraging to be defining a business that will provide a great avenue for the next generation to make their careers.”   

Scott enjoys personal finance as a bit of hobby and he likes to help others handle their own finances with confidence. Scott also finds inspiration in feel-good sports movies, which motivate him to push his own limits and try things like completing an Ironman triathlon. Scott has watched his favorite movie, “Remember the Titans,” countless times, and he’s encouraged by the message that a diverse group can work together to overcome the odds and achieve success.   

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